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    Our professional healthcare team, with its experience and expertise, offers each service meticulously and prioritises your health.

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    The experiences of our customers are valuable feedbacks for us and we grow and develop with these feedbacks.

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    eray serinpinar
    Güvenilirlik ve hizmet kalitesi açısından oldukça başarılı. Fiyat olarak da çok çok uygun. Hızlı ve kaliteli hizmet anlayışı ile destek olan Serkan beye çok teşekkür ederim.
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    Mükemmel bir hizmet. Hemşir Serkan bey güleryüzlü ve işinde çok başarılı şiddetle tavsiye ediyorum eline emeğine sağlık
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    Serkan beye verdiği kaliteli sağlık hizmetinden dolayı teşekkür ediyorum. Tavsiye ediyorum 👍

    Home Health Services

    Wouldn't you like to receive home health care without going to the hospital? If you are not in a position to go out, you can have home health procedures for yourself or your relatives. Moreover, these services are provided by much more comprehensive and professional teams than you think.

    As Tema Home Health company, we provide 24/7 service in the field to meet the needs of our patients. With our services, including the weekend, you can be treated in your home, which is your most comfortable area. Thus, you can get the opportunity to meet your needs without the need to stay in the hospital.

    Every individual has the right to receive health care when necessary. However, it is almost impossible for patients who are not hospitalised and cannot leave home to receive this service in hospitals. Home health service is provided to facilitate this process, which is quite difficult and demanding.

    Home health service briefly; It is the special health studies requested by elderly patients, individuals who have difficulty in moving, bed-dependent patients. Appropriate health services are provided in the home environment without going to the hospital. Thus, the treatment process can be easier, more convenient and comfortable for both the patient and the patient’s relatives.

    As Tema Home Health Services company, we continue to serve our patients in more than one field. Thus, you can have almost all procedures in the field of health in your home. Our services we offer with our professional team and technological tools are as follows:

    1 – Vaccine and Injection

    Vaccines and injections can be administered regularly or in sudden situations. In such cases, patients do not need to be tired. In the hospital environment, you can get vaccinated at home without waiting in the vaccination queue or putting yourself at risk due to the environment. Our team will safely administer your vaccine and other injections, if any, at home.

    2 – Pregnancy Test

    Pregnancy test is one of the applications we perform for our female patients. In a short time, you can get your result with the test to be performed within the scope of trust and professionalism. The application is carried out in a very practical way. On the same day, our patients will be informed whether they are pregnant or not.

    3 – Stitching and Removing

    As a result of injuries, traumatic accidents and other unfavourable circumstances, the patient may require stitches. Since stitches can be damaged by sudden movements, you can also apply for a refurbishment. For example, you can contact for the stitches of a patient who has undergone surgery.

    The patient with stitches should normally go to the hospital to have stitches removed. In this case, we carry out stitching and removal procedures at home for people who want to be treated at home, the elderly or individuals who are at risk of being in a public area. We can also perform your stitching process by providing a hygienic environment in a very short time.

    4 – Serum Insertion and Follow-up

    It is necessary to take vitamins, minerals and medicines intravenously in case of illness and some immune decline. Serum application is preferred especially to prevent water loss. However, the serum process can take a long time. Therefore, its application in hospitals can be quite difficult for some patients. It would be more appropriate for patients with low immune system to have serum at home.

    IV drip at home will take place in a very short time. Drugs suitable for the patient’s needs are given by serum and follow-up is continued. In addition to being practical, hygienic environment and no waiting time are some of the advantages.

    5 – Dressing and Wound Treatment

    Today, one of the most preferred services in the field of home health services is dressing and wound treatment. In cases such as traffic accidents, general traumatic events, burns, etc., frequent dressing is required for the treatment of the wound. Frequent and repeated dressing in a short time is a problem especially for the elderly.

    However, thanks to the home health cabin application, it is possible to have dressing and general wound care in a short time. As Tema Home Health Service company, we carry out the dressings of our patients. We come to every district of Istanbul in a short time and provide procedures with our professional team.

    6 – Oxygen Therapy

    Due to heart failure, lung diseases and other respiratory problems, the patient needs oxygen therapy. With oxygen therapy, the oxygen needed is given to the patient and the patient is provided to relax. Our oxygen treatments are very important for our patients who can move more easily and live comfortably during the day.

    7 – Blood Group Test

    One of the examples of home health services that we widely apply for our patients is the blood group test. We personally test our patients who do not know their blood type and do not want to wait in line at the hospital to find out. The blood samples taken are analysed in special laboratories and you are informed about your blood group in a short time.

    8 – Blood Analysis

    A blood test may be required to detect and examine different diseases. It would be much more accurate to perform analyses within the scope of home health services for patients who regularly take blood or in cases of urgency. With our experienced healthcare staff, we perform blood tests at home for patients of all ages.

    9 – Ear Lavage

    Lavage is the name given to the treatment method used to clean the dirt and waste accumulated in the ear in certain periods for ear health. This procedure is one of the types of treatment that especially our elderly patients should receive regularly. We provide this procedure for you in the comfort of your home in a short time and continue to protect your ear health.

    10 – Probe Insertion

    We come to your home with our experienced and expert staff and provide the catheter set. If you are at risk of advanced age, being bedridden or being in crowded environments such as hospitals, you can have a catheter inserted at home. As Tema Home Health Services, we offer you home catheterisation services with our experienced healthcare professionals.

    11 – PCR Test and Covid-19 Patient Follow-up

    PCR Test has been one of the most intensive services provided by our health centre, especially during the pandemic period. We are honoured to be with our patients who need PCR test application and follow-up services.

    You do not need to enter crowded hospital environments and we perform your PCR test comfortably without waiting in line. We aim to heal our patients with a positive test result with regular follow-up.

    12 – Postoperative Care

    Surgeries are one of the processes that patients have difficulty. The postoperative care process is also very challenging. We undertake the postoperative care process to provide convenience to the patient’s relatives and to provide comfort to the patient with the right care. You can contact our company for yourself or your loved ones, regardless of the surgery.

    13 – Urostomy and Colostomy Care

    Undoubtedly, two of the most important methods within the scope of home health services are urostomy and colostomy care. We professionally carry out the necessary care of our patients with such needs.

    If you are learning about home health care for the first time, you may be confused about why you should receive this service. Firstly, let’s take a look at who is eligible to receive this service:

    • Bedridden patients,
    • Those who have difficulty with mobility,
    • Elderly patients,
    • Individuals who are inconvenient to be in crowded areas.

    In such cases, it is very difficult for both the patient and the patient’s relatives to go to the hospital. In the face of this situation, you can also relax thanks to home health services. As Tema Home Health Services company, we meet the needs with the health personnel within our structure. So, why should you get home health care?



    Comfortable Service Receiving

    Hospital environments often create stress for the patient. One of them is that it is not suitable in terms of comfort. However, with home health services, you can be treated in your comfort zone, that is, at home.

    Practical Operations

    Without spending time by going anywhere, it will be enough to provide only the necessary interview for the service. Thanks to the treatment you will receive, you can get results in a short time.


    It may have been possible for you or your patient to go to hospital several times. However, if there is a long-term treatment, it may not be possible to continue this. However, with Tema Home Health Services, you may have the chance to receive regular and follow-up treatment.

    No Waiting Time

    While you have to wait in a queue in any health institution, you can be directly examined and start treatment thanks to home health service.

    Personal Transactions and Interest

    Only your specific and special procedures are performed without the need to deal with any different elements. Since all attention is on the patient, the satisfaction rate after treatment is also high.

    Avoiding Time Loss

    In a city like Istanbul with dense traffic and a crowded population, going to the hospital can be a complete waste of time. However, you can get service for yourself or your patient at home without any loss of time.

    Tema Home Health Services We have been providing a service flow within the scope of our company for years. We maintain our vision of gaining 100% patient satisfaction with the different services we offer with our experienced team. There may be treatments to eliminate the problem, as well as preventive treatment to prevent problems from occurring, or you can request services for information only.

    Here are a few reasons to choose our Tema Home Health Services company:

    • Professional and experienced expert health team,
    • High-tech materials and equipment,
    • Opportunity to serve every district of Istanbul,
    • Possibility to intervene in your comfort zone,
    • A wide range of more than ten services,
    • Possibility to deal with patients of all ages,
    • Accessible price list,
    • Ability to make an appointment in a short time.

    If you want to take advantage of the advantages of receiving home health services, you can contact our company.

    You can get information about the current home health services fee by contacting our company. Fees vary according to the treatment and scope of service you need. Therefore, it is more accurate to get one-to-one information. On the other hand, our price list is carefully prepared to be accessible by every patient.

    We have answered frequently asked questions about home health services that come to our company and on the internet for you.

    How Much Are Home Health Service Fees?

    Home health care fees vary to date. Fees are determined according to different factors such as the service to be received, service scope and application period. If you want to get direct information according to the service you will receive, you can contact our company.

    Which Patients Does Home Health Services Care for?

    Thanks to the home health cabin service, the range of patients that can be dealt with is quite wide. Elderly, bedridden patients, children or young people are taken care of. Here, there is no distinction from patient to patient. The important thing is whether the service needed is offered by our company.

    What Should I Do to Get Home Health Service?

    All you have to do is contact Tema Home Health Services company. You can call the phone number in the Contact section on our website or fill out the form on the same page. After the form, you will be contacted and the necessary information and requests will be listened to.

    Is Home Health Service Open on Weekends?

    In general, home health services are offered around the clock and including weekends. Home health services are especially important for patients with urgency. Therefore, service is provided almost every day in order to catch the appropriate time zone. You can create a request by contacting the contact information for the appropriate day and time.

    How Old is Home Health Service Suitable for?

    There is no lower or upper age limit for home health services. Although it is seen that mainly elderly patients apply for this service, it can also be applied in children and young people. The age of the patient is insignificant for treatment and individuals of all ages are suitable for home health services.


    In our blog, we are here to inform and guide you on many health-related topics.

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